Design Tips on Styling Your Coffee Table


Coffee tables are often the centerpiece of a living room, making them an ideal spot to showcase your design objects. Styling a coffee table can be overwhelming, but it can be broken down into three elements: height, texture, and personal touches. Whether you prefer a minimalist, traditional or an eclectic look, styling a coffee can transform your space. In this post, we’ll share tips and tricks for styling coffee tables with design objects that will enhance your home décor.

 Design tips on styling your coffee table

Start with a tray

A tray is an essential element for any styled coffee table. It acts as a foundation for your design and makes it easier to move your objects around. A tray will also create a sense of organization, giving your coffee table a cohesive and refined appearance.  Make sure the scale of your tray fits with your coffee table. Trays should not take up more than ¾ of your space.  Trays with handles are ideal for easily moving items should you need space for board games. 

 Tips on Styling your Coffee Table - add height

Add height

Adding height to your coffee table décor can make your table look more dynamic and visually appealing. Utilizing items like vases, lamps, and stacked books can achieve this effect. Consider using a tall vase or candlestick holder to add depth and height to your table.  We love refreshing our space seasonally with coffee table books that change with each season. Spring is for garden design books, during summer we display books about our favorite fashion designers, and in the fall, we switch it up to interior design books.


Incorporate texture

Texture is an element that elevates any décor space. Mixing materials like marble, glass, wood and metals can add a luxurious and rich feel to the décor. Art objects with detailed texture such as a carved stone sculpture or ceramic sculptures can add a unique touch of texture to the coffee table.

 Tips on Styling your Coffee Table - Add personal touches

Personal touches

Incorporating personal touches like sentimental objects or framed photographs can make your coffee table décor feel more meaningful. Consider displaying items such as family pictures, travel souvenirs, or your favorite scented candle.


Invite Nature inside

Adding a plant or bouquet as a focal point to your coffee table is a great way to bring some vitality to your space. If you add a plant, make sure the plant you select will get adequate light in the center of your living area as not all plants will thrive when placed away from a window.

Tips on Styling your Coffee Table - Add Living plants


Refresh regularly

Changing up the coffee table décor frequently can keep the space feeling fresh and updated. Swap out plants or objects seasonally, or whenever you feel like refreshing your space.

In conclusion, these are just some of the tips and tricks to help you style your coffee table décor with design objects. Remember, decorating your coffee table is an opportunity to showcase your style, aesthetic, and add functional beauty to your space. Utilizing these ideas will help you create a meaningful and engaging space for your guests and loved ones.


Quick Tips

  • Avoid clutter and leave empty space for placing everyday things like coffee cups or books.
  • Make sure the space feels reflective of you. Your coffee table should be an inviting place to rest your attention in your living area.
  • Focus on scale, arrange larger items like big coffee table books, with smaller bowls or books.

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