Updates from High Point Market 2023

Every industry has its trade shows and the world of Interior design is no different. Each year The Maison Inc team of Interior Designers, and Retail Buyers visit High Point Market, the semiannual furniture and design show held in High Point North Carolina which is open exclusively to the trade. Our team visits High Point not to scout interior design trends but to seek new and interesting furniture, lighting and accessories for current design clients, our showroom in Portland, OR, and our online store.

 Maison Inc at High Point Market 2023

Highpoint North Carolina has had a long history as the furniture capitol of the US.  In 1945 60% of US made furniture was produced in a 150-mile radius of High Point due to the abundant timber and hardworking workforce from abandoned tobacco farms. Today the town fills with 75,000 designers, buyers and interior design trade people from all over the world twice a year during Market weekend. 

In addition to viewing our favorite furniture brands Verellen, Lee, Baker, Palecek, Made Goods and more, the market also features an extensive Antique furniture market from vendors from all over the world.  We love arriving to the market before the weekend to scout the best selection of Antiques and often include a mix of new and antique furniture in our designs.

We asked our team to share some highlights from the October 2023 High Point Market Experience.

Q: Which colors and or textures stood out at the show?

A: Lucite is having a resurgence which we love, boucle continues to be strong with new versions appearing. Even though we’re cautious about using too much boucle, it upholsters beautifully and continues to be important across categories. Haitian cotton inspired fabrics seem to be appearing more and more.

Maison Inc visits Verellen Furniture at High Point Market 2023

Q: Did you have a favorite brand you visited and what do you love about the brand?

A: For a brand that encapsulates lifestyle, you can’t beat Verellen for it’s organic inviting luxurious look and feel. Lee Industries knocked it out of the park again, lots of new frames and fabrics we loved.

 Maison Inc visits Baker Furniture at High Point Market 2023

Q: Which items did you order that you are most excited for the trade or retail showroom?

A: We discovered a small handmade pottery line from Los Angeles that we will be launching for Jan. Eicholtz X The Met collab is top of our list! We have a curated group of accessories coming for a big reveal party next year.

 Maison Inc visits Made Goods at High Point Market 2023

Q: What was unexpected about the trip?

A: Our 4.5 hour layover in Atlanta was unexpected in the worst possible way.

Q: What was your favorite High Point Memory?

A: We took new team members and it’s always exciting to see it through someone else’s eyes. We go year after year and it’s great, but we forget just how special and exciting it can be.

Maison Inc Team at High Point Market 2023

Stay tuned for new arrivals we scouted from High Point arriving monthly in the showroom and online.