Tatine Candle Tatine Candle
Tatine Candle Tatine Candle
Tatine Candle Garden Mint Tatine Candle
Tatine Candle Woodsmoke Tatine Candle

Tatine Candle

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The Tatine Candle is an 8 oz. soy wax candle that has a burn time of approximately 50 hours.  Available in eight different scents.  See fragrance notes below.  

Garden MintA bouquet of highly aromatic mint leaves and sweet spearmint accented with fresh, sparkling, and spicy pink peppercorns and lemon tea. An incredibly luscious and herbal aromatic garden mint with the scent of berries, ginger, eucalyptus, and soft jasmine petals.

Forest FloorDappled sunlight in wild places where smells move through space and curl like smoke. An earth perfume with mushroom nuances, mists of rain soaked ferns, and the earthen smell of dark green moss covering the cool, damp dirt of the forest floor. A dreamlike atmosphere emulating the forest and all its beauty.

WoodsmokeThe mystical aroma of an autumnal fire burning as smoke gently drifts across the room. A sweet, woody perfume of cedarwood, fir balsam, and fragrant forest resins with kindling and natural clove oils.

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