Laboratorio Olfattivo Fragrance Di-Vino Diffuser

Di-Vino Diffuser

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This 200 ml Diffuser from Laboratorio Olfattivo is composed by an elegant bottle, from which come out black fiber sticks, able to give off the scent in order to perfume your space.

“Wine adds a smile to friendship and a spark to love” (Edmondo de Amicis)…
Laboratorio Olfattivo adds personality to the place where our intimacy is best guaranteed: home. Sparkling notes of Grapefruit and mysterious Blackcurrant awaken the senses and offer us a kaleidoscope of emotions, while a velvety, fruity heart reveals the real identity of this fragrance through a Grapes accord. A Di-Vino accord. As in a perfectly balanced wine, top and heart notes of this fragrance completely join with a comforting vanilla-woody base.