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Tatine Holy Basil Candle

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The Holy Basil candle by Tatine is designed to be fragrant, magical and medicinal, Holy Basil is a spiritual ceremony of dark green camphorous herbal notes blended with wild grasses, cannabis and sacred basil. Clove buds and green vine tomato are spun into sweet holy basil flower buds to echo the divine origins of the sacred flowering plant, which can give you so much sweet solace for your cares, if you let it.

Tatine is a boutique fragrance brand based in Chicago. Their bespoke fragrances are made slowly by hand with soul and subtle detail, by skillful artisans. Known for their mouth-blown glassware candle vessels which are meant to have a second life as drink safe glassware or keepsake containers.  Tatine Candles are created to impart wonder, a sense of quality, and the quiet but evocative message of the handmade.



  • 8 oz. soy wax candle, Approximately 50 hour burn time
  • Artisan mouth-blown glass, is designed to be drink safe
  • Gently hand wash glass
  • Packaging is made from 100% post-consumer materials
  • Made in the USA.